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Peace, Love and IPA Tour -- Bars 1-100 -- "100 Bars in 100 Days"   

    On a whim, one summer day in 2012, I announced to my drinking buds that we were In A Rut, and that I was going exploring.  I was going to go to 100 different bars in the next 100 days.    
    The order was random, but must include all types:  social bars, hotel bars, posh bars, dive bars, gay bars, cigar bars, sports bars, music bars, restaurant bars, even private bars, which would require some guile.
    The rules were simple.  Procure a beer, and be served at a BAR (not at a table). I could be seated at the bar or stand at it, but a bartender must serve me my drink.  That's it!  Game on!  Hop on!!

01_Porch 02_Lazy_Gecko 03_Krawl_off_Duval 04_Green_Parrot 05_Finnegans_Wake 06_Red_Fish_Blue_Fish 07_Hogs_Breath 08_Cowboy_Bills 09_Salute 10_Kellys_Caribbean 11_2-Cent_Pub 12_Virgilios 13_Gardens_Hotel 15_Ts_Bistro 16_Speakeasy 17_Grand_Vin 18_Conch_Town 19_Conch_Farm 20_Flying_Monkeys 21_The_Cafe 22_Shots_and_Giggles 23_Rumor_Lounge 24_Mad_Rooster 25_Tattoos_and_Scars 26_Two_Friends 27_Shanna_Key 28_The_Top 29_Margaritaville 30_Sunset_Pier 31_White_Tarpon 32_Grunts 33_Smokin_Tuna_Saloon 34_Island_Dogs 35_Tavern-n-Town 36_Carolines 37_Jacks_Seafood_Shack 38_La_Trattoria 39_Antonias 40_Vitos_Piazza 41_Shimp_Daddy 42_Stick-n-Stein 43_Pineapple_Bar 44_Dons_Place 45_JDLs_Big_Ten_Pub 46_Outback 47_El_Meson_de_Pepe 48_Jack_Flats 49_Tipsy_Pelican_Tiki_Bar 50_Stoned_Crab 51_Willy_Ts 52_Splash_Bar 53_Pepes_Cafe 54_Sunset_Tiki_Bar 55_Grand_Cafe 56_Joes_Tap_Room 57_Coyote_Ugly 58_Boathouse.pdf 59_Dantes.pdf 60_Bagatelle.pdf 61_Maddys_Hot_Dogs 62_VFW_Post_3911 63_Duffys 64_Shores_Bar 65_Blue_Mojito.pdf 66_Vinos_On__Duval.pdf 67_McConnells.pdf 68_Chart_Room.pdf 69_Teasers 70_The_801_Bar 71_Cork_and_Stogie 72_Point_5 73_Smallest_Bar 74_Braza_Lena 75_Orchid_Bar 76_Little_Room_Jazz_Club 77_Skippers_Bar 78_Sloppy_Joes_Bar 79_Hard_Rock_Cafe 80_Capt_Tonys_Saloon 81_Rum_Barrel 82_Charlie_Macs 83_Orioles_Club 84_Sun-Sun_Beach_Bar 85_Afterdeck 86_Durty_Harrys 87_Half_Shell_Raw_Bar 88_Turtle_Kraals 89_Blue_Heaven 90_Santiagos_Bodega 91_Fat_Tuesday 92_La-Te-Da 93_The_Bull 94_The_Whistle_Bar 95_Garden_of_Eden 96_Mangoes 97_Schooner_Wharf 98_Aqua 99_SoMo_Beach_Cafe 100_Garden_Bar