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    Hop #349 - Wahlburgers Hop 348 - KW Amphitheater Hop 347 - Shooterz Hop 346 - Poke In The Rear Hop 345 - McKee's Tiki Bar   

    Welcome!  Hops MacBarley here, your guide and narrator on a tour of MORE THAN 300 BARS -- without ever leaving the tiny island of Key West (a.k.a. Bone Island).  No ratings, no rankings, no menus.  Take a second to check the  About  page to get the lowdown.  Or, if you're ready, click on a Tour, then pick a pic to click, and start touring the diverse and entertaining Bars of Key West, Florida!
Key West Bar Hops - Collage 1
"The Peace, Love and IPA Tour" -- Bars 1-100 (2012)
Key West Bar Hops - Collage 2
"The Second Century Tour" -- Bars 101-200 (2013)
Key West Bar Hops - Collage 3
"The Keep On Hoppin' Tour" -- Bars 201-300 (2014-18)
Key West Bar Hops - Collage 4
"The Keep Calm And Hop On Tour" -- Bars 301-   (2018-   )

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5/21/21 - Hop #349
Caught the Happy Hour at Wahlburgers, on the Harborwalk where White Tarpon used to be.  The bar is big, with the best bar seats I've seen in a while.  You get 2 tenders for 3 bucks, and a tall cold Blue Moon (or Bud Light, yeah, right) will also cost you $3.  Tenders were goooood.  Almost doubled down.  HH is 4:00-6:00 every damn day.
Hop 349 - Wahlburgers

4/24/21 - Hop #348
This bar is only available for special events:  concerts!  Conchtown Records put on a four-show at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater to benefit legendary guitarist Bill Blue.  The beer selection was weak, but the music was strong, and it was just plain great to be out at a gathering of people again!

4/16/21 - Hop #347
Caught the end of Happy Hour at Shooterz, K-Dub's preeminent pool hall.  MY Short Rib Sliders were yumm and my Crazy Lady was only fo' bux!

4/10/21 - Hop #346
If you like shady backyard bars, hidden-away watering holes, and/or Hawaiian food, Poke In The Rear is for you.  The latest permutation of the fenced-in space behind Aqua, this was a dang cool hang on a hot afternoon.  Probably be even better on a mellow evening, and even better better if you like raw fish!
Poke In The Rear - Key West Bar Hop #346

4/4/21 - Hop #345
McKee's Tiki Bar, at KW's newest hotel -- The Capitana -- was a fine chill on an Easter Sunday afternoon.  Big pool, nice beach, great bar stools, a bunch o' black bikinis, and some cutthroat lawn chess.  And the public is very welcome!
Hop 345 - McKee's Tiki Bar

3/31/21 - Hop #344
I think Sunday afternoons will be for hotel bars for a while, especially hotel pool bars.  This one -- Shipwreckers at Barbary Beach House -- will be tough to beat.  Love the layout, the big roof, the big pool, the comfy chairs, and the reasonable price.  Not sure if public is allowed, I did a Stealth Hop just in case. 
Shipwreckers - Key West Bar Hop #344

3/30/21 - Hop #343
You have to walk through another bar to leave Jam Pony (#342), and I didn't quite make it through Mojoes Sports Bar & Bistro without stopping to watch some of the longest game in NCAA Hockey Tournament history. 
Hop 343 - Mojoes Sports Bar

3/29/21 - Hop #342
This one was a surprise!  Jam Pony Karaoke Club was full and giving off good vibes in what has been the black hole of Key West bars -- the "back room" of 618 Duval.  A pair of former USN pilots stole the show. 
Jam Pony - Key West Bar Hop #34

3/28/21 - Hop #341
 The Southernmost FreshCo has taken over what used to be Michael's (Hop #120) on 532 Margaret Street.  Same good look, new array of seafood, same classy bar.  It's a branch-out from the successful FreshCo in Miami.  Happy Hour is 4-7, so we workin' folk can still make the tail end.  Not keen on the metal bar seats, but eager to try the Famous Crab Cakes.
Hop 341 - SoMo FreshCo - Key West Bar Hops

3/22/21 -- Hop #340
KW welcomes Stinkin' Crawfish Seafood Restaurant into 217 Duval, breathing life  back into that mid-block void that the pandemic created.  A big success in southern California, they bring a funky name, good food, and good attitude.  Local friendly (20% discount, don't be shy about asking for it), weekday Happy Hours, and see if you qualify for the Free Dessert, it was awesome!  Live music in the front yard.  Still some unfinished spots inside, but so what, the beer is cold.  =)
Stinkin' Crawfish - Key West Bar hop #340

3/16/21 -- Hop #339
The newest bar in Key West -- opened just 2 weeks ago -- is Marylin's Restaurant & Pub, which steps into classic building at the corner of Grinnell and James.  A few bars have come and gone here since Finnegan's Wake (#5), but MRP grasps a concept that escaped the others:  Take Care of Your Locals!   Marylin's does 2-for-1 Happy Hour from -- catch this -- 1:00 till 7:00 daily.  SIX hours of 2-4-1-ness.  Suh-weeeet!  AND she'll give you a 20% Locals Discount.  Live music, good food, and a healthy dose of Locals Love.  Gotta go check it out, Scout!
Hop 339 - Marylin's Pub

Friday began with a Hop and finished with another:  The Retro Room logged in as Hop #338.  It is every bit as visually dazzling as it was when it was Glitch (#310).  I'm pretty sure all that changed was the name, but that's enough to warrant a fresh Hop. (My Tour, my rules.)  Even if nothing is happening here, the decor will keep your mind moving.  The chosen brew was Hopsecutioner IPA.  Yum, but on the pricey side.  That happens when you drink good beer...
Retro Room - Key West Bar Hop #338

It was a Hop-filled weekend, with Key West Bars #337, #338, and #339 all getting Hopped.  Friday night started off with a new name in a familiar location.
Lost & Found on 404 Southard.  The layout is the same but the comfort level is higher.  My 6:15 arrival just missed Happy Hour, but the staff was friendly and my Neon New England Style IPA was cold and taaaaaasty....

Hop #336 happened on Sunday as well, at the Southernmost Point Bar.  It was a 1-mile walk from 335 to here, like doing The Duval Street Mile in reverse.  Great time sitting in the cool shade, chatting with Maria, my Venezuelan barkeep.  SPB is a daytime-only place, though, so if you get, get there before the sun goes down!
SoMoPoint Bar - Key West Bar Hop #336

Went back down the alley at 124 Duval for Hop #335 at Paradise Restaurant.  Had me a Cerveza Aguila and it was cold and tasty.  Chatted with the friendly staff for a good while.  They're a family-owned Latin restaurant that specializes in Colombian food.  I'm told the Palomilla Steak is outstanding.  They gave me a Local's Discount (20%) and I forgot to tip!  Sorry, guys, it was an accident.  I'll make it up next time!
Hop 335 - Paradise Restaurant

Chalk up #334:  Scotty's Front Street Stage, a new venue that features live music on a big stage, a comfortable bar, and a friendly menu that even includes the ever-popular Curried Goat, and Mac-N-Cheese with Baconnnn.
The Good Thing was the band and they lived up to their name.
Scotty's front Street Stage - Key West Bar Hop #334

Hop #333 is a milestone.  One-third of 1000 bars have been hopped on this little rock.  An accomplishment so phukkin ossum deserves an appropriate Hop.  I give you #333:  Pho King Awesome, on 626 Duval.
Pho King Awesoem - Key West Bar Hop #333

Hop #332 was an old name in a new place.  White Tarpon moved from the shadows into the limelight, and it looks like a great move!  Two-and-a-half happy hours every damn day!  =)
White Tarpon - Key West Bar Hop #332

And #331 happened last night too!  Old Town Rodeo had a really good crowd,
a rockin' country band, and a face plant off the mechanical bull.
Old Town Rodeo - Key West Bar Hop #331

Hopped #330 last night:  Fogarty's!  I went out with a list of 20 new places to check out and I ended up at one I should have hopped in the Peace, Love and IPA Tour.
Fogarty's - Key West Bar Hop #330

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Liberty Lounge - Key West Bar Hop #329
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     Hey, all!  Hope you like the new layout!
     Hops hopped Hop #329 last night.  It was a hoppin' good time.  First Hop in more than a year!  Yeesh. 
     Liberty Lounge was the venue, the upstairs bar at 506 Southard, on top of Heroes Bar (#328).  Had a locally-brewed Lazy Way IPA in a chilled glass, for $7.

     The staff was masked, but not many patrons.  I kept mine on except for when I was taking a swig.  I'm still pretty wary of the maskless mob. 
     Pretty mellow time at the LL.  I got there just as the entertainer went on break, and left shortly before he returned.  Just a one-n-done this time.
     Hopter 329, with pix, coming soon. 
     All hopters from now on with be HTML pages, not PDFs, and I've begun working my way backwards converting the existing ones over.  That's gonna take a WHILE, though.