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Keep Calm And Hop On Tour -- Bars 301 - - -

   There seems to be no end to the optimism of new bar owners in this town.  A few addresses have had bomb-out after bomb-out, yet people keep coming in with delusions of grandeur:  "That won't happen to us!"   Right.  Not for two months, anyway.
    But that just keeps it fresh, right?  The world is about survival of the fittest, and that goes for bars too.  With 200+ competitors within walking/biking distance, you better have a damn good hook in order to survive.

    My recent scouting mission shows that a dozen more new bars have opened up ... during the pandemic!  Hell ya.  I am eager to Hop them all...   

   Hop_301_Irish_Oak_Barrel.pdf Hop_302_Equator Hop_303_Lucys_Lineup_Bar Hop_304_Henry_and_Elis_Side_Street_Pub Hop_305_The_Abbey Hop_306_Lucys_Service_Bar Hop_307_Hanks_Saloon Hop_308_The_Flaming_Buoy Hop_309_Little_Pearl Hop_310_Glitch Hop_311_Moondog_Cafe_and_Bakery Hop_312_Smokin_Tuna_On_Duval Hop_313_Onlywood_Grill Hop_314_IC_Doubles Hop_315_Tree_House.pdf Hop_316_Mermaid_Lounge.pdf Hop_317_Rooster_Tale.pdf Hop_318_Top_o_th_Tale.pdf Hop_319_Halo_Lounge.pdf Hop_320_2_2_and_Co_II.pdf Hop 321 Loose Cannon.pdf Hop_322_Off_the_Hook.jpg Hop_323_Ram's_Head_Southernmost 324_The_Dirty_Pig Hop_325_H2O_Suites 326_Four_Marlins Hop_327_Tipsy_Rooster Hop_328_Heroes Liberty Lounge - Key West Bar Hop #329 Hop_330_Fogarty's Old Town Rideo - Key West Bar Hop #331 White Tarpon - Key West Bar Hop #332 Pho King Awesome - Key West Bar Hop #333 Hop 334 - Scotty's Front Street Stage Hop 335 - Paradise Restaurant Hop 336 - SoMo Point Bar Hop_337_Lost_and_Found Hop_338_The_Retro_Room Hop 339 - Marylin's Pub Hop 340 - Stinkin' Crawfish Hop 341 - SoMo FreshCo Hop 342 - Jam Pony Hop 343 - Mojoes Hop 344- Shipwreckers Hop 345 - McKee's Tiki Bar Hop 346 - Poke In The Rear Hop_347_Shooterz Hop 348 - KW Amphitheater Hop #349 - Wahlburgers